How-to Videos

These videos / tutorials will demonstrate the ease in finding curriculum components, and how to share and implement them with your students.

Video 1: Curriculum Handouts

In this video, Tasha covers handouts - an important part of our curriculum and a crucial part of students' learning the importance of mental and emotional health.

Tutorial Video 2: Curriculum Quickstart and Videos

In this video, Tasha covers two very important aspects of the curriculum-the Quickstart and the videos. It's crucial to stress the importance of the curriculum’s ease in planning and navigation, as well as the depth of content through engaging Impact Videos and other short clips used as instructional hooks. 

Tutorial Video 3: Curriculum Exit Surveys

In this video, Tasha covers the exit surveys- a very unique feature that adds depth and consistency to the PATH way of learning, capitalizes on the current trends in standards-based feedback from students, and provides essential data for your own school.

Tutorial Video 4: Curriculum Accessories

In this video, Tasha covers the additional materials (Slides, Posters, and Social Media)-- accessories that help enhance student comprehension within AND beyond the classroom.

Tutorial Video 5: Curriculum Calendar Options

In this video, Tasha Schuh covers how the curriculum can be adapted to various school calendars and schedules.

Tutorial Video 6: Bonus Material - Part 1

In this video, Tasha covers the layers of bonus material. All of this is available to you to add depth to any of the six curriculum lessons. In addition, Bonus materials may also accommodate different schedules found at different grade levels, or within districts challenged by unique calendars, allowing you to extend the curriculum over a longer period of time. 

Tutorial Video 7: Bonus Material - Part 2

In this video, Tasha Schuh explains the various bonus materials with the multi-year calendar that will be available in the fall of 2022. If you are planning on using this curriculum annually, this video is for you.